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  • How to Eat Taiwan MeatBalls

    How to Eat Taiwan Meatballs
  • How to Eat Frozen Croissants

    Super easy frozen croissant baking instructions: 1, 先把烤箱加熱到華氏350度,冷凍可頌已經發好了,等待烤箱加熱的同時,把可頌從冰箱冷凍庫拿出來退冰約15分鐘. 不退冰也可以,但是有退冰會比較好吃. Preheat oven to 350...
  • How to Eat Frozen Dumplings

    How to Eat Frozen Dumplings 1,放入大量清水開大火煮滾; Put a lot of water into the pot and turn on a high heat; 2,水滾後轉中小火保持沸騰,將冷凍水餃沖冷水後立刻將水倒掉,再將水餃倒入滾水中;  Afte...