About Us

Southern Taiwan LLC was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to promoting authentic Taiwanese cuisine and inheriting Taiwan’s traditional festival food culture. Today, Southern Taiwan LLC operates two brands:

  • Yangmama Food
  • Southern Taiwan

Yangmama Food


Operated as a commercial catering kitchen, Yangmama Food focus on cooking and selling Taiwanese local dishes and street food such as buns, wontons, dumplings, rice dumplings and meatballs. Yangmama Food insists on selection of ingredients, compliance with tradition and consistency of quality. Yangmama Food started operating as an e-commerce business and gradually built a large customer base and strong customer relationships in Seattle Metro Area. In 2019, therefore, Yangmama Food established a professional catering kitchen and store at Capitol Hill in Seattle. In recent years, Yangmama Food has even expanded its sales channel to supermarkets.

Southern Taiwan

Operated as a food truck, Southern Taiwan specializes in providing delicious Taiwanese bento boxes. After being suspended for more than three years due to the coronavirus pandemic, Southern Taiwan food truck, under the high expectations of customers, has reopened in downtown Seattle from October 2023.